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Cory von Bohlen of Halo of Flies Records / Protestant

If you don’t know Cory, you may have heard of his brother. When he’s not slinging’ coffee (like a boss) at your favorite Riverwest coffee shop – he’s slanging’ records for his own Halo of Flies Records or gigging in his hardcore band, Protestant. He is DIY to the core, and we’ve asked him what his MKE5 top picks are. Let’s just get into it, shall we?

MKE Top 5

  • I bought this tape during my first visit to Atomic Records in 1988, where I also happened to score a load of other awesome things, including two issues of Maximum Rock n Roll, which opened my eyes to a whole world I never knew existed. This rules. I still remember all of it, and still have the original. This is my favorite “Dave K”-related band.

  • I had the opportunity to live with Toasterhead, and while it was an up and down relationship, that dude was so into everything he said and did at the time, it was hard not to be on board. Live, it was more intense and heavy, but this record is still really, really pissed. Punk, circa 2012, could use another OneDayAway/Toasterhead.

  • Demise was the ‘big’ local in my late teens after CBDS and the death of The Odd Rock. While the 7″s are probably better and thought out, this is the Demise i always liked best. Sick. Grant jumps. A young Dwayne. The twins.

  • Honestly, I don’t like this record much more than any other mid-90s item I never listen to, but at the time, Animal Farm was the loudest, fiercest live band around. It can’t even be explained. More people need to know about Animal Farm. Seriously.

  • CBDS did a radio interview on WYRE (UW-Waukesha) and I taped it. They played this tape, I think. Maybe more, I dunno. Instantly, they were my new favorite band. I recently found demo #3 last year at Goodwill for 25 cents. Score!

  • Jeff Hansen was incredibly talented. It’s very sad he’s no longer with us. Those early shows were awesome to see. Watching those kids grow up in that band was really something.

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