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Animal Farm

You Cannot Call This Peace

Release Year: 1994
City / Region:
Record Label: Discontent




  • Mike Stanioch - Drums
  • Rick Goff - Bass
  • Rico Myszewski - Vocals
  • Duwayne Koerner (Big Duwayne) - Vocals
  • Grant Kasten - Guitar

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Members also in: Demise, Hinge

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  • andy yeager says:

    this band practiced in my house for at least a year and a half. i was fortunate enough to see them multiple times. if there ever was a hard core band that “brought it” from one set to another it was this band.

  • trainwreck says:

    members went on to talk is poison also…anyone know if theres anyone willing to get rid of an animal farm shirt with the some people are not built for competition design? if so old97 at hot mail dot com

  • Bing says:

    My old band played with these guys in Denver a million years ago. Great band! I still have my Animal Farm shirt but I don’t think anyone would want to wear it in the shape it’s in!

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