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Pioneers of Modern Typography


Release Year: 1985
City / Region: Milwaukee
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Frank Ullenberg
  • John Luttropp
  • Scott Schanke

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In the mid-80’s, Pioneers of Modern Typography (PMT) were virtually the house band at Cafe Voltaire (later sold to Jack Koshik and renamed The Odd Rock Cafe). They did about 24 shows with all completely different songs for each. PMT were as know for their graphic design as their theatrical costumes and stage shows. See the “Additional Images” above for samples of both. (Cover and several other photos by Francis Ford)

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  • frank! the girl! says:

    haha, nicely done, THANKYOU! but it seems there are a few glitches in the credits, which we were never very good at–sorry! “frank the girl! sings!” wasn’t technically a PMT cd. it was a quickly done demo tape for me, which was almost all PMT, taken from live shows. and i wasn’t the star of the band by any means, tho my headgear picture featured here might suggest that. the song, “Silent Night” is actually with Mark Koerner, from School for the Cure of Music. the song “Pop Culture” is actually the last part of PMT’s ‘Under the Wheel’, so please piece those two together in your head if you can. the male vocal on both parts of that song is scott schanke. when john luttropp moved to nyc and took his incredible talent and Dr. Rhythm drum machine with him, joe beyer and john d joined us. joe is on “Under the Wheel”, on keyboard and drum machine. whenever you heard a guitar (as on that song), that was the amazing john d.

  • Jay Tiller says:

    RIP Frank (Frances Ullenberg), you will be missed.

  • Bob Solem says:

    Frank passed away on August 26, 2019. So sad. I’m cherishing these tracks, as of this date they are the only ones available from PMT and Frank related projects. If you asked anyone that was at the shows what PMT sounded like it would be tough for them to put it to words. It’s nice to hear their tracks so it’s not ALL SHOW AND NO SUBSTANCE. Silent Night is haunting, the perfect holiday track. Odd, but I never thought these would strike me as being goth, but they do sound that way, particularly Premodo and Under the Wheel.

    Long live Frank!

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