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MKEpunk hosts the Milwaukee Rock Posters show on WMSE

In case you missed it, here’s a link to download the 1 hour segment of the Milwaukee Rock Posters show hosted by Jeremy and Martin of MKEpunk. If you like their show, tune in to WMSE 91.7 on Saturday afternoons from 3 to 6 and listen as Paul Host and Tim Noble bring you a wide variety of Wisconsin music. If you live outside of the Milwaukee area, don’t fret… you can stream WMSE live.

If you prefer to listen to an mp3 podcast, you can also grab the archives of their shows from either the WMSE show archive or MilwaukeeRockPosters.com.

Here’s the playlist from that segment:
  1. Buried – hope for Us (Hope for Us 1993)
  2. Up in Arms – Walls (Demo 1999)
  3. Figurehead – Push Me Pull You (Blue Tape 1996)
  4. Pacers – Out of Time (Bigger Hats, More Fire!!! 1992)
  5. Bound to One – Washed of This (Chosen Wisdoms Demo 1997)
  6. Demise – Don’t Eat the Fruit (Apathy will Get You Nowhere 1990)
  7. Compound Red – Time of You Life (Dairy, Meat and Horsepower 1992)
  8. Kubiak – Nachos (Demo 1997)
  9. Grovur – Homecoming King (A Method Or Comfortable Beginning 1999)
  10. Castahead – Marionette (Split CD 1999)
  11. Only Airplanes Count – 6am (Dyslexic 7″ 1998)
  12. Alligator Gun – Dogs Hold Grudges (Shirk 1993)
  13. Trademark – Hate Yourself (Working the Dogman 1991)
  14. 1984 – Fallout (Rock Drill EP 2000)
  15. Evel – Porn King (The Trial Separation Anxiety Project 1996)
  16. The Service – Never Trust the Press (Man’s Ruin CD 1997)
  17. Spank – Teenage Dream (4 Song EP 1993)
  18. NOD – Trendy (Fallout Shelter 1985)
  19. Killtheslavemaster – The Defeatists Prayer (The Artisans of Dominion – Part I 1999)
  20. Hinge – Rhyme and Reason (Meaning 1994)
  21. None Left Standing – Bloomington (Stingray Candy 100 1995)
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  • Marc Ferch says:

    I just came across your page for the first time. Lots of local stuff I wasn’t aware of. I host a Local Music show on the internet called The Storefront Music Hour every sunday nite from 8-9 on Riverwestradio.com. I also have been a guest on Paul and Tims Rock posters segment on Wmse as well. Support Local Music Dammit……. Marc

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