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Copyright Criminals

For those of you who are interested in the ongoing discussion regarding copyright in the digital age, we highly recommend checking out the documentary Copyright Criminals. From Prefuse 73 to Chuck D, Clyde Stubblefield to Lawrence Lessig – this video discusses copyright and fair use, why the record industry is collapsing, and discusses recordings that have changed our culture. You may find the particularly interesting: the editing style used in the documentary employs remixing techniques. We highly recommend it.

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  • Damien says:

    That is a great documentary and its available instantly on Netflix!

  • Graff says:

    I agree with all the analogies that compared sampling to works produced by those the likes of Andy Warhol. While they may not have played those instruments. There was still a creative mind that heard could hear the music in their head if they mashed & mixed artist A with Artist B.

    What is art?

  • Graff says:

    …and what is really original…

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