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Joe of the Joe & Pete Show

This is the first of the MKE5 series where we invite people to make a top 5 list of either general favorites or around a particular theme. Since Joe and Pete ended their long running WMSE radio show in February we have been starved of their divine musical selection. So we’ve invited Joe to share a few recommendations and memories. That should tide us over until the launch of the the Joe & Pete Show Podcast.

Because a lot of releases were added between the time Joe sent us his list and when we posted it (and because he cried about it a lot) we allowed him to add a 6th pick.

MKE Top 5

  • I knew, and still know pretty much nothing about this band. But for some reason I had this tape rolling around my car and I loved every minute of it.

  • Everyone loves Ska at some point don’t they? One of my HS buddies was in this line up (before he was called “Mick”) so that made it even more fun. Besides, a lead singer named “Shlimovitz”? How can you not love that?

  • Lots of friends were in the 1st incarnation of this band (what happened to Anita?) So it was always fun to see them play. It helped that they played with some incredible bands along the way (Tramlaw? Ballsniffer?).

  • Picking a compilation is cheating I think. As I could put this singles from each of these bands in my top 5 I’d say. I think Peter and I played “Hope for Us” and “Cold” a billion times during our morning stint in the early 90s.

  • In hindsight this maybe an SE Wisconsin All-Star band isn’t it? Laura? Flowers and Candy? That is some all-time classic Wisconsin rock there. Very found memories of listening to these songs and seeing these kids live.

  • Grovur’s 1999 release was sent to me and Pete and sat in the mail box at WMSE for probably 6 months (hey we never got mail so we never checked). Jason (formally known as Jay) Mohr finally called us and told us to look for it. We found it, and we played it a billion times. Personally, Grovur’s two releases are probably my favorites from any past Milwaukee band. “Just an Echo” is still in the family truckster and gets played nearly every week. It was especially fun to play Grovur on the air after they long disbanded as it pissed Jason off.

    *Yes, they are better than Juniper Tar. You can print that.

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  • Matt Kerhin says:

    Joe is so right about Grovur. I remember seeing them 8n the old back room at the cactus club the night my old girlfriend broke up with me. When the played Homecoming King the place went nuts!
    Turned out to be a great night I’ll never forget! I’d sure love to see them play together again!

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