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Top 10 Downloads of 2012

Posted on January 2, 2013

We just checked our analytics, and here are the releases people downloaded the most during 2012:

10) 10-96 “No Retreat”
9) Tense Experts “Live at Nikos 10-31-1982”
8) Alligator Gun “Shirk”
7) The Service “Who’s Criminal”
6) The Invaders “Brewtown Ska”
5) Tense Experts “S/T”
4) Dr. Shrinker “Grotesque Wedlock”
3) Birth DFX “Pink Tape”
2) Die Kreuzen “1982 Demo Tape”

and our #1 downloaded release from 2012…(snare roll please)

1) Die Kreuzen “1981 Starship Demos”

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