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Vesicular Basalt

He Once Was Clay

Release Year: 1988
City / Region: Appleton
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Jon Schneider - Drums
  • Jamie Rabe - Vocals
  • Rob Warren - Bass
  • Brian Crane - Guitar
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  • Dave says:

    This is classic! Thank you for this! Fan of anything Jon Schneider does.

  • Bene says:

    Hi there!
    Found the VB demotape “he once was clay” when unpacking one of my carboard boxes after moving in my new house. And Im really glad cuz its a really brillinat tape and I thought I had lost it! Funny thing is that it made its way to Bavaria/Germany (thats where I am) in 1988/89 when a friend of mine was on holidays in the USA and brought it over.
    Its not easy being green…

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