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Cleveland Bound Death Sentence

Demo 3

Release Year: 1988
City / Region: Waukesha
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Brad Stezala
  • John Kucera
  • Randy Neckolaishen
  • Scott Schoenbeck
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  • I think they hailed from Milwaukee/Waukesha, as Brad and Randy lived in Milwaukee. (Though the first line-up, except for Brad, did all hail from Waukesha, and they all went to WCTC I believe.)

  • Fug Shaver says:

    I cannot believe that I DOWNLOADED CBDS!!!!!! Brings back some confusing memories. Sweetness indeed.

  • John Kucera says:

    We had a rotating drummer situation. This was my favorite line up by far. Not sure what we were trying to do here but we did it anyway.

  • King Lou says:

    I saw this band play at a house party on Oakland that I stumbled into. Fond memories.

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