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Shrilltower – 1988-1992 Discography

“1988-1992 Discography”

added by on May 29, 2013
  • Released: 1992
  • Hailing From: Milwaukee
  • Additional Images:
  • Members:
    • Colin A. Brammer - vocals / guitars / bass / metal / electronics / power tools / rhythm tracks
    • Karl J. Paloucek -metal, bass, piano, french horn, tapes, electronics, power tools, glassware, sewing machine
    • Ed Paloucek - violin / viola

Ed Paloucek is a guest musician on some tracks.

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  • I wonder if anyone still has the bacon that was wrapped around the cassettes they threw at the crowd for the “1917” show (at least I think it was the 1917 show). When these guys started, our basement was filled with scrap metal–even a car hood. It was really hard to have a decent game of air hockey in them there days. Great memories.

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