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Release Year: 2003
City / Region: Milwaukee
Record Label: Latest Flame




  • Jessi - Guitar/Vocals
  • Jenny - Drums
  • Pony - Guitar
  • Carolina - Bass/Vocals

Additional Information

Latest Flame still has a few copies of this left, if you’re looking for a hard copy. Thanks to Dan Hanke for letting us post this.

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  • Brad warsh says:

    Brutal and melodic, fuckin right on. Great songwritng. They make all of the sounds that I want in my ears( at one time anyway). ROCKS!

  • Brad warsh says:

    I meant, all at one time.

  • zach wernicke says:

    superb! i miss listening to this at my moms house when i was 14-16 on a cheap old turntable. thanks for putting it up prach! hope to see u around riverwest sometime.

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