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  • Buzz says:

    When I first previewed Drop Forge’s EP at WMSE, I was really impressed. But the lyrics were too hard for the FCC. To work around it, I created an edit in the production studio. I switched on our remote broadcast input on the soundboard. When there was no live remote, there was only static on the channel. So whenever Hans or Johnny sang a part of the lyrics that were non-FCC friendly, I’d briefly switch on the live remote static to block it out. Problem solved resulting in a squeaky clean radio edit. I felt the static sounded cooler than an annoying beep like professional radio edits would use.

  • Wallace says:

    I flipped when I was browsing the band list and found The Drag. This was my uncle’s band and I had their cassette as a young kid. While my friends were listening to shitty radio metal, I was skating in the driveway blasting their music. I haven’t heard this in over 20 years- thanks!

  • Max says:

    Thanks to John Dominguez,John Derzinski and Jay Tiller for their fine musicianship. To Tom Crawford,WMSE,and anyone who supported Down By Law by showing up at our gigs !

  • John I Powderly III says:

    Thanks Buzz, I listen often to your shows on the interweb here in Golden Colorado. Good on ye for the editing on the DF 45, Party on and Godspeed. WMSE Rules!

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