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Mark Bought It You Should Too

Release Year: 1992
City / Region: West Bend
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Ryan Propper - Guitar/Vocals
  • Brian M - Drums/Vocals
  • Ed Miller - Bass

Additional Information

With the idea that if most metal guy in school bought your tape everyone else would want it USMC put a picture of Mark Dawursk on the cover and titled it “Mark Bought It You Should Too.”

We couldn’t find a copy of the original cover so I recreated this from memory. If you have the real cover let us know.

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  • Big R says:

    LOL. I went to school with these dbags – bought mine from Brian M and I might even be in the background somewhere on one of these. Mark Dawursk was truly the metalest guy in a Riki Rachtman kind of way. I boxed this tape up somewhere. Every few years I run across it, laugh, and put it away. I figured since you posted the request in March of 2010, I should really hurry and find it (since it’s already November of 2011). While looking for it, I did find the Feck/Feck casette demo with Berkley Slime, Blur, Bog of Eternal Skunk, and Pickle Song (if you’re interested in converting it to MP3 to give to the world). BTW – not punk request here, but if you could get Shiverhead – The Dark House demo on MP3 I’d give your whole family an around the world. Thanks for the memories.

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