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Shoot the Hostage

CDR demo

Release Year: 2001
City / Region: Milwaukee
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Jason Ploetz - Vocals
  • Mark Fisher - Vocals
  • Louie Pahl - Guitar
  • Parker Krieg - Guitar
  • Chris Wenzel - Bass
  • Barry Jaeger - Drums

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All Songs Written And Arranged By Shoot The Hostage 2000/2001.

Recorded and Mixed @ Bobby Peru’s Kung Fu-licious Studios, Milwaukee, WI by Shane Olivo.
Mastered By Trevor Sadler @ Mastermind Productions, Milwaukee, WI.

Produced by Shane Olivo and Shoot The Hostage

The band reformed in 2002 as Wings of Scarlet.

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  • Chris Wenzel says:

    Random Facts:
    After WoS, Parker was in the band Vegan hXc band Undying (North Carolina).

    Jason Ploetz played bass in the indie rock band Will Build To Suit before joining STH.

    Mark Fisher was later in the Milwaukee band Die Alone.

    Barry Jaeger was in once the metal band Viogression (you can see their Blue Grape merchandising ad in the first Fear Factory CD booklet), and they toured with Chuck Schuldiner’s band Death.

  • jlip says:

    omfg, never thought i’d hear this one again.

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