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Self Gratifukation

Live at Yano's (Feb. 2nd 1985)

Release Year: 1985
City / Region: Milwaukee
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Kevin Stoeveken - Vocals
  • Jimmy Kressin - Guitar
  • Shay Tannert - Bass
  • Mike Shanahan - Drums

Additional Information

Self Gratifukation played shows everywhere in the 80s like Yanos, The Landing, The Underground, Lake Park Pavillion and even one at Echo Bowl. Beer City Records will be releasing the newly remastered full length and some live material that will be available on iTunes January 12th 2010.

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  • Matt Weerts says:

    I think I remember the one at Echo Bowl. I think it was with The Necromantix. I also I roadied for them when they played a show with my friend Joe’s band, The Infected, at a now defunct bar off Humboldt and Kane. I thought these guys were one of the great unheralded bands of the 80’s.

  • kevin says:

    thanks matt… yeah, it was necromantix and i think earth shoe (dirt foot) and you are also correct in your assesment of our unheralded greatness ;-)

    btw – the defunkt joint was the landing… i remember a bum stumbling in, in the middle of winter, dripping wet saying someone threw him off the adjacent bridge into the river below… of course everyone bought the poor guy drinks, but i always thought he just doused himself in the river for sympathy drinks… being tossed off that bridge would have been one helluva fall…

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