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Rhinelander, LSD (Lack of Social Decency)

Split 7

Release Year: 1991
City / Region: Germantown, Hubertus
Record Label: Catlick Records




  • Rhinelander: Nora Nuedling - Vocals
  • Rhinelander: Joel Gove - Guitar
  • Rhinelander: Dan West - Bass
  • Rhinelander: Dave West - Drums
  • LSD: Jeremy Prach - Guitar/Vocals
  • LSD: Sam Cook - Bass
  • LSD: Duane Rice - Drums/Vocals

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Pressing of 500 on blue vinyl. In 1993 Catlick Records moved to Minneapolis where it’s run to this day. Visit CatlickRecords.com

Members of Rhinelander also in: Dairyland Youth, Blue Sunshine
Members of LSD also in: Damitol, Cutie

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