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NOD (Nuclear Overdose)

Fallout Shelter

Release Year: 1985
City / Region: West Bend
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Jon Lyman - Vocals
  • Cousin Bill Lorenz - Vocals
  • Mad Dog John Nagel - Drums
  • Gary Johnson - Guitar
  • Robert Retzloft - Bass

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NOD, originally named Nuclear Slag, recorded Fallout Shelter in Barton, WI in 1985. NOD featured two singers, John Lyman (Compound Red) and Cousin Bill Lorenz (Vomit). Tony Jankowski & Dave Vegafria also play bass for the band.

Members also in: Compound Red, Vomit, Only Lovers Left Alive, Dim Suns

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  • Gary Johnson says:

    Great website! I played guitar for NOD and it is great to see all this old music being preserved. I still have one old copy of this cassette and don’t like to play it and wear it out. Have great memories of recording this. Hello to all my old friends in WI! Gary (NOD/guitarist)

  • gabby says:

    Fuck! all the skaterfags from Port Washington, WI passed this album around like a 2 bit hooker. Awesome shit!

  • Matt Weerts says:

    I remember playing with these guys in Mr. Lyman’s basement. We played with them again with Life Sentence, The Necromantix, A.F.O. and I want to say 1096, in Racine at one of Arnie’s classic shows (I was in a band B.D.A., Bent Dick Association). Listening to this is like watching their show all over again (Wild Thing as the closer…) having this site here is incredible!

  • This was the first punk tape I got (I was 11) thanks to The Exclusive Co. of West Bend. The production and aggro is better than most bands that actually had better equipment and were able to tour, like 7 Seconds and other groups I was discovering at that time. After the band’s demise I became friends with Jon and “Bishop” Dave. In some strange way I have them to thank for who I am today. Thanks for uploading this!

  • Pete Wendt says:

    Holy Sh!t. I have been trying to find this and track it down since the late 80’s skating every day of my life in Greenfield / Milwaukee. Thankful i found this. Thanks. MUCH APPRECIATED

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