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LSD (Lack of Social Decency)


Release Year: 1992
City / Region: Hubertus
Record Label: Barney Records




  • Jeremy Prach - Guitar/Vocals
  • Sam Cook - Bass
  • Duane Rice - Drums/Vocals

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Members also in: Damitol, Coward, Cutie

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  • South Side Punker says:

    These guys were always very cool, and played some great shows at the Unicorn. I remember tagging along with them and Trademark to a show in Hubertus, and also in someones basement.

  • Brad warsh says:

    Vocally, Jeremy was the power saw, Duane was the belt sander. still great after 22 years. Good job on the cement mixer Sam!

  • Same old says:

    I was at that same basement show in Hubertus… Both actually. I think one was at Sam’s house.been like 22 years

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