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League of Maniacs


Release Year: 1987
City / Region: Milwaukee
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Crystel Palmer - Vocals / Drums on track 8
  • Rob Atwood - Vocals, Guitar
  • Karl J. Paloucek - Bass
  • Randy Nickolashun - Drums

Additional Information

Rob Atwood went on to play in a bunch of other bands, most notably The Probers; Randy Nickolashun played drums in Dare Damon and Denial. This tape is actually the first or second rehearsal with Karl Paloucek in the band. (He joined two days prior.)

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  • Ha! Whoever got this website goin’–awright! I was always partial to “Gearhead Rock,” myself. Karl’s musical endeavors continued after League of Maniacs, too. Shrilltower, Impact Test, F-Face, and some amazing solo work. This video represents some of his most recent work:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssWeOoHBWr0

  • ^Ed's Brother says:

    Meanwhile, in another part of town, Ed, Karl’s brother, got incredibly busy himself, playing in the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra (with Pioneers of Modern Typography superstar Frank Ullenberg, it should be noted) and eventually catapulting to the forefront of Milwaukee’s Celtic music scene with Ceol Cairde, the curiously (and Negativland-y) named 180 and the Letter G, Rírá and Atlantic Wave, whom you can see in this clip here:


    Ed’s been working on a solo album for a while now. He needs to finish it soon. If you see him, make sure to tell him that.

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