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Release Year: 1993
City / Region:
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Shimme
  • Toasterhead
  • Grahm
  • Lonewolf

Additional Information

“My memory is kind of blurry but what I remember is: Toasterhead and Grahm (Once Day Away), Lonewolf and myself (and maybe someone else from One Day Away?) hung out in Grahm’s basement one day and recorded this track. I think the band was going to be called k. (I also think lonewolf later did have a band called k. ) This was post Business as Usual and pre-Ten Boy Summer for me, and I am not sure if Leaving was together, broken up or what. I think it was recorded in the spring of ’93. Based on the obvious Current rip off, I am guessing this was after the first more than music fest in dayton. Recorded on tape. Don’t remember if it was on 4 track and I just have the mixed version or if it was just a live recording…Maybe someone will remember the details better than I. -Shimme”

Members also in Leaving, Business As Usual, Ten Boy Summer, One Day Away

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