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Inspector 12

Speak Your Mind tape

Release Year: 1988
City / Region: Madison
Record Label: I-12




  • Kurt Johnson - Bass
  • Dave Barber - Guitar
  • Brian Blum - Drums
  • Brian Jansen - Vocals
  • Jimmy Cottom - Guitar

Additional Information

Recorded and mixed at Smart Studio, Madison WI during Dec 199
Produced by I-12
Mixed by Doug Olson
Live tracks recorded at the New Loft, 6-13-1987 live off the board.
Cover art by Brian J
Jimmy Cottom (R.I.P. 6/2003)

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  • Brad warsh says:

    I have the shirt, and it is still in rotation!

  • pete kedrowski says:

    I have the drawing on mom’s basement floor. We used to skate. I’ll love to hear it again. Lost my tape 20 years ago. Thanks

  • Kedro says:

    Fuckin awesome!!! I used to have a tape of this… got lost in the years.

  • Heath says:

    I-12: Thanks for turning me on to Agent Orange, for doing an interview with our little high school zine Blow, and for just being you.

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