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Forstella Ford

Arcebus vs. Archer 7 inch

Release Year: 1999
City / Region: Racine
Record Label: 404 Records




  • Mark Sheppard - Vocals, Guitar
  • Whitney Teska - Drums
  • NIck Sheppard - Bass
  • Jim Sardino - Guitar

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Forstella Ford, formerly known as Only Airplanes Count, play a blend of incredibly dynamic, emotionally driven, discordant yet melodic rock songs. Formed in the mid ’90s, the band has toured the country extensively with Jejune, Pop Unknown, Coalesce, The Casket Lottery, Volta Do Mar, Botch, Burn It Down, The Assistant, and The Icarus Line. Well known for their intense live performances, Forstella Ford puts 100% of their heart and soul into their music.

Listen to or buy their CDs which are still in print, direct from the band at forstellaford.bandcamp.com/

Whitney Teska went on to form Tornavalanche and Ft. the Shadow Government. Jim Sardino, formerly of The Dukes of Had It, went on to form Members of The Yellow Press.

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