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Die Kreuzen

Starship Demos 1981

Release Year: 1981
City / Region: Milwaukee
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Brian Egeness - Guitars
  • Keith Brammer - Bass
  • Erik Tunison - Drums
  • Dan Kubinski - Vocals

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Additional Information

Tracks 1-5 recorded in the basement of the Starship, Milwaukee, WI during late 1981. Tracks 6-9 recorded live at the Starship, where Die Kreuzen have played with such notable bands as: DOA, TSOL, Black Flag, Flipper, Sacred Order, and Saccharine Trust. The live tracks were most likely recorded during one of those very shows.

Editors Note: This is the same material that appears on an unauthorized bootleg compilation Demolition Vol. 2.

The flyers were sourced from the Counting the Cracks Die Kreuzen archive. Check the Starship and other flyers.

UPDATE: this material has been sourced from original cassettes supplied by, and with the blessing of the band, and re-issued via SongPreserve.com on all streaming services.

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