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Dick Tater

Back to the Masses

Release Year: 2000
City / Region: Racine, Milwaukee
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Dick Tater - Totalitarian Leader/Vocals
  • Dick Stanley - Guitars/Vocals
  • Nick Tater - Bass/Vocals
  • The Professor A. Francis Rotater - Drums

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Maximum ink review:
“It’s heavy, demonic and loud. I laughed for 20 minutes upon seeing the album cover for “Back To The Masses,” and came to the conclusion that if I ever go to Racine, I will go to the bar where these guys play every weekend. The band consists of Dick Tater on vocals, Nick Tater on bass, Dick Stanley on guitar, and Prof. Rotater on drums. They take a whack at everything from David Lee Roth to Catholicism to “Social Democrats” and obviously can make light of a situation with really fast punk/metal & dual vocals.”

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