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Fish Box

Release Year: 1981,1982,1984,1985,1993,2001,2011,2012
City / Region: Milwaukee
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Mark Melchoir - Vocals
  • Brett Klinker - Guitars/Vocals
  • Patrick Glassel - Drums/Vocals
  • Paul Schmiedel - Bass/Vocals
  • Bruce Ebert - Guitar
  • Judy Hoppe - Casio
  • Pat Hagne - Vocals (1983)
  • Glen Elert - Sax
  • Mike Hill - Keys
  • Paul Bovee - Guitar
  • Robin DeLeau - vocals
  • Chris Kubom - guitar (1983)

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Additional Information

Tracks 10-13 recorded in 1981
Tracks 1-9, 14-17 recorded in 1982
Track 18 recorded in 1984
Track 19 recorded in 1985
Track 20 recorded in 1993
Track 21 recorded in 2001
Track 22 recorded in 2011
Track 23 recorded in 2012

43 copies of this zine/CD were distributed by Deliriants drummer, Patrick Glassel, at the Lest We Forget reunion show which took place May 26th, 2012 in Milwaukee.

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  • Deliriants – one of the obscure early 80s dark expressive experimental punk-new wave Milwaukee bands that went through several line-ups between ’81-’86, known best for gigs in 82 and 83. later branching out to ‘Veiled Invisiblind’, ‘Perplexions’ and other bands/projects.
    You did an excellent job of transferring this,

  • originally we were called Zero Zen during 1981, then the name Deliriants was found in 82 at the high school library, in a book called ‘Mind Drugs’

  • tracks that are cover songs:
    10 by basement five.
    12 by the clash,
    13 by dead kennedys.
    14 by sex pistols
    17 by black flag

  • We were an experimental cover band with our own songs added. The concept is you add your own material in when people are to confused about what they just witnessed. Fun times.

  • our first gigs as ‘Zero Zen’ were at Pius highschool where Mark and Bruce went, and then played Brown Deer high, (where me,Paul,Glen and Mike went). both gigs were outrageously intense because it was unlike the usual high school dance occasions which always had mainstream rock cover bands. the audience was noticeably freaked out, great fun to break the routine of what they normally had… a few months later Kenny at Starship accepted our demo tape and booked us with Ama Dots for our first starship gig- april 82

  • channel with deliriants and various other

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