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Dead Fly Boy

Masters of the Grooviverse

Release Year: 1996
City / Region: Racine
Record Label: Ice Records




  • Terry Kaprelian - Lead Vocals
  • Steve Truesdell - Guitar/Backing Vocals
  • Darrell Damrow - Drums/Programming
  • Kyle Damrow - Bass
  • Scott Arendt - Guitar

Additional Information

Born under the pale, fluorescent lighting of a fly infested two room studio in the heart of Racine, Dead Fly Boy (three words, no “the” and no “s”) began appearing in the SE Wisconsin music scene around 1990. Under the influence of massive quantities of cheap beer and the overwhelming stench of millions of fly carcasses, DFB, as they came to be known, released a bunch of demos and two full-length albums, Self-Titled Debut and Masters of the Grooviverse.

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