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S/T 7

Release Year: 1993
City / Region: Milwaukee, Hubertus
Record Label: Discontent




  • Andy Yeager
  • Jeremy Prach
  • Brad Warsh
  • Duane Rice

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  • mitch dries says:

    one of my absolute faves! i always thought jeremy had one of the best voices in miltown punk. rejoice is a total jam…

    a bunch of awesome guys and always loved having the chance to play with them for a few shows!

  • mitch dries says:

    fuck.. forgot to say: I WANT THE MINDTHELFT DEMO POSTED UP HERE!!!!

  • Brad warsh says:

    Mitch, I have the mindthelft cassette, but it won’t fit into the computer slot!

  • Kevin Roemke says:

    Jeremy – I still remember you playing me this stuff when we worked at DQ in the Falls.
    So amazing to hear it again.
    Thank you!

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