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split CD

Release Year: 1999
City / Region: Racine, Burlington
Record Label: Akeldama Records




  • Castahead: Steve Landish - Vocals
  • Castahead: Matt Matera - Guitar
  • Castahead: Kyle Johnson - Guitar
  • Castahead: Ian Grant - Bass
  • Castahead: Jared Logan - drums
  • Intercede: Temo Rios - vocals
  • Intercede: Mark Clark - guitar
  • Intercede: Joe Dalen - guitar
  • Intercede: Mike Pagliaroni - bass
  • Intercede: Bill Kurth - drums

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This release is interesting. It showcases musicians just before they were to break out into nationally recognized metalcore and hardcore acts. Matt, Kyle, Jared and Temo ended up in 7 Angels 7 Plagues together. (Kyle replacing original bass player, Dave Method) Joe and Bill later formed Endthisday.

Matt Matera also went on to join Dead to Fall. Kyle was a founding member of Misery Signals and is currently playing with Burning Empires.

Tracks 1-6 recorded by Bill Stace at Walls Have Ears.

Tracks 7-8 recorded live in Grand Rapids, MI 3-6-99. Engineered and Mixed by Jeff Vander Koi

We’ve received word from Akeldama Records that they’ve discovered a small cache of CDs. Here’s how you collectors can get in touch and pick up a hardcopy for only $4. akeldamarecords.weebly.com

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