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Brutal Youth

No End tape

Release Year: 1996
City / Region: Kenosha
Record Label: self-released




  • Dan - Guitar
  • Ted - Vocals
  • Marvin Valdez - Bass
  • Zaki - Drums

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  • mike ignasiak says:

    fond memories…..
    I miss tapes!

  • Zak says:

    yes, this is the “no end” tape. We recorded at the very end of our stint as a band before Marv, Dan, and I continued on as Eracism. This band was silly and basically sums up what it was like growing up in Kenosha. “John” is about our dear friend who actually just passed away April 12, 2012. RIP John. We miss you already! Breath was a riff from a Listerine commercial. Ha! And Fake was definitely our best song on this thing (in my opinion). Thanks for posting! Cheers!

  • Ted says:

    See, on a morning like today, I needed to find this. Zaki! How the fuck are ya?

    Email me! I’d like to hear about what happened with John :(

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