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Boys Build Bombs

3 song demo

Release Year: 1998
City / Region: Racine
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Brandon Seitz - Vocals/Guitar
  • Garret Peterson - Bass/Vocals
  • David Shaw - Guitar
  • Ryan Poulsen - Drums

Additional Information

Recorded at Studio One with Chris Djuricic

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  • David Shaw says:

    This is as good if not better then Shunned.

  • garret says:

    lmfao to the grave, so soul not good in my opinion, very vary embarrassing, young kids try in 2 hard….is what it is though, very negative impressionable time in time!!!!

    new music+no rules

    we had to many in visible rules on how shit should be and how shit should sound!!!! lol…

    david if you see this holly at a brother geometrictemples@gmail.com

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