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Blue Balls

Rocktoberfest Party Anthems Vol. 4 Pleasure Unit F

Release Year: 2001
City / Region: Green Bay
Record Label: Not On Label




  • Blue Ball 1 (songs 6 - 11)
  • Blue Ball 4 (songs 1 - 5)

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The origins of “Blue Balls” according to Andy Junk:

“The Blue Balls were conceived by Casey Buhr of the Strong Come Ons from Algoma. It was only Casey and Nick G for the first few tapes then Casey decided to franchise out the band. The only stipulation was that you had to get ordained, per se, by being in a Blue Balls with someone that was in the band before. Then you can franchise out to someone else afterward. One person plays drums and the other plays guitar on one side of the tape then you switch instruments on the other side. Everything has to be written and recorded, performed and released within a month. There was a drum restriction too… gotta have the minimal drum set up: snare, ride, floor tom, bass drum was it I believe. Numbering system and covers had to follow the format. All the tapes we did when we all moved to Milwaukee (essentially the ones that were on bible tapes) didn’t go through Casey and he allowed it to go out of his control. As long as the rules and concept are followed he doesn’t give a shit. Oh, and although it started out sounding garagey punky and many people chose to keep with that tradition, there really is no stylistic restriction.”

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