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Illegal Use of Your Future 7

Release Year: 1996
City / Region: Kenosha
Record Label: Shitpile Records




  • Phrweinque Analfrench - Guitar / Vocals
  • Ben Chilada - Drums
  • Yawn - Bass / Vocals

Additional Information

Recorded 8/96 Shitpile Studios. Engineered by Rod Krinker. Produced by Rod K. and Bitchslape. In association with Corporate Punishment Records.

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  • Matt P. says:

    I’ve been wanting to hear this for years! It’s some of the best punk I’ve heard of it’s style. I saw them in Peoria, il years ago and was blown away. I got the split 7″ with urbn dk but have been wanting to hear this bad. Thanks so much for uploading!!!!!

  • b logs says:

    Haven’t heard these guys for 19 years still sounds fkn awesome. I was too young to see them play in bars

  • Groubn says:

    Such a great sound. This is some of the best punk rock ever made.

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