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Birth DFX

Pink Cassette

Release Year: 1989
City / Region: Kenosha
Record Label: Shitpile Records




  • Rod
  • Frank
  • Johan
  • Tommy Pasta
  • Ranky Doons

Additional Information

Produced by Birth DFX. Mixed by Birth DFX and Jeff Harmann at Audio Phonics, Kenosha, WI.

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  • Mark Maier says:

    This is pretty kick ass. I sure do like “NOW”.

  • Dan Boettcher says:

    I have a copy of both this and the demo tape before this one. This tape is actually from 1991, and the demo it from 1987.

  • Dan Boettcher says:

    Both my copies are far more clear. I already bounced them down to mp3 from tape as well as other local stuff. If you haven’t guessed already I’m from Kenosha. Check out my youtube, I have tons of local archives on there. Feel free to take anything you like.


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