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Alligator Gun


Release Year: 1993
City / Region: Milwaukee, Brookfield
Record Label: Hardspun, 5th & National




  • John Kucera - Vocals/Guitar
  • Bill Couture - Vocals/Guitar
  • Scott Schoenbeck - Bass
  • Craig Johansen - Drums

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Alligator Gun’s first full-length release was available on both CD and Cassette.

Members also in: Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, F.S. Camels, Burbank Cartel, Dashboard Confessional

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  • This is just an awesome release! It holds up and sounds as fresh today as when it came out.

  • I just found this site and am falling in love!!!!

  • Matt Weerts says:

    We played with these guys in Minnesota at a coffee house in Dinkytown (I’m a Milwaukee guy living in MN after going to school here). We were called Los Resistoleros (AKA Brownfinga). We opened for them, and they were just amazing! Again, I never had access to their music before now… This site rocks!

  • Doug Shaver says:

    Still holds up. Always dug these guys’ tune-age. Skroog!

  • A-Aron says:

    I echo what Pete said. God I love this album. Having flashbacks to the West Bend Teen factory. Stoked to see them this Saturday. Bless this site.

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