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Alligator Gun


Release Year: 1995
City / Region: Milwaukee, Brookfield
Record Label: Relativity




  • John Kucera - Vocals/Guitar
  • Bill Couture - Vocals/Guitar
  • Scott Schoenbeck - Bass
  • Craig Johansen - Drums

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Members also in: Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, F.S. Camels, Burbank Cartel, Dashboard Confessional

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  • Didn’t Mark D. play guitar on this? Love it. I remember the summer it came out. Kucera and I were living at Sidney HiH and he was with The Camels. Maybe my memory is off.

  • John Kucera says:

    Farm did play on this, I was just in on writing some of the songs. Mark (farm) deserves credit on this not me. I still love it.

  • Paul Henning says:

    Haven’t heard this album in 15 years and knew all the words the first time through. I must’ve listened to this album 1000x back then. Takes me right back to 1995. Many thanks for this website and for putting this album/band up.

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