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Alligator Gun

Demo 1994

Release Year: 1994
City / Region: Milwaukee
Record Label: Not On Label




  • John Kucera
  • Bill Couture
  • Scott Schoenbeck
  • Craig Johansen

Additional Information

Many of the songs from this unreleased demo were rerecorded for their “Onehundredprecentfreak” album.

Members also in: Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, F.S. Camels, Burbank Cartel, Dashboard Confessional

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  • steve says:

    I remenber seeing these guys at one of the warped tours in detroit. They were one of the first bands to play the side stage. They absolutely blew me away. An undiscovered gem. I sought out this disk immediately. I am surprised they weren’t picked up on a larger label like go kart.

  • Neal says:

    still love this band! too bad they weren’t on dr. strange or a label that would have done them justice.

    any chance of getting this stuff in flac or lossless files?

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