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Alligator Gun

3 Song EP

Release Year: 1991
City / Region: Milwaukee
Record Label: Not On Label




  • John Kucera
  • Bill Couture
  • Scott Schoenbeck
  • Craig Johansen

Additional Information

The first Alligator Gun release.

Members also in: Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, F.S. Camels, Burbank Cartel, Dashboard Confessional

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  • Barney says:

    I remember buying this cassette at the TURF sk8park before getting a chance to see them live a few times and they are fun to heckle! a few times they made me act as a cinder-block so craig’s drums would stay put.My favorite memory of these boys was their farewell show at the Unicorn when Jon Lymann and I toilet papered them in the middle of their set! They were not too happy with us but still played a great set. Glad to hear that you guys are playing shows again and if ya’ need a roadie or a damn cinder block just lemme’ know! Hope to see ya when I’m back in town ya bastards!!

  • Barney says:

    That show was actually held @ Shank Hall.My mistake.

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