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Gas Bag 7

Release Year: 1995
City / Region: Kenosha
Record Label: Beer City Records




  • Dean Dirt - Vocals
  • Joe Prestrl - Guitar
  • Randy Rude - Bass
  • Moon - Drums

Additional Information

RIP Dean Dirt. 10-96 was an original hardcore band, having started in 1983 and influencing countless mid-west bands.

Members also in: The Charming Deviants, Beautiful Bert, Despite, Monsterbait

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  • Jeffrey Frischmann says:

    awesome!! Great Times! Some of the Best!!!! I heard they played Shank Hall last night, a buncha college fks!! HaHa!!

  • 10-96 says:

    Ken-96 didn’t even play bass on this record. Randy Rude on the front of the 7in.

  • Matt Weerts says:

    I saw these guys so many times it’s hard to hear this without visualizing Dean Dirt interacting/intimidating the audience. I remember one show at Cafe Voltaire, he encouraged some back row sitters to come up front by running full steam to the back, rooting around on the ground under the tables, flipping chairs with head and back like a crazed rhino. He was one of those unpredictable front men that energized/scared the crap out of the audience that made 10-96 so unforgettable. RIP Dean…

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