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added by on December 24, 2014
Band: Fuckface
Title: Fuckface 7in
Released: 1993
Hailing From: Milwaukee
added by on July 12, 2013
Band: Rhythm Chicken
Title: 7 inch
Released: 2005
Hailing From: Green Bay, Milwaukee, Ephraim
added by on May 29, 2013
Band: Shrilltower
Title: 1988-1992 Discography
Released: 1992
Hailing From: Milwaukee
added by on September 3, 2012
Band: Hollywood Autopsy
Title: Hollywood Autopsy
Released: 1983
Hailing From: Madison
added by on February 22, 2010
Band: Pioneers of Modern Typography
Released: 1985
Hailing From: Milwaukee
added by on February 15, 2010
Band: The Two Felipes
Title: Eat Your Fill
Released: 1986
Hailing From: Milwaukee