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WMSE – Library Do-Dr

“Library Do-Dr”

added by on April 2, 2013
  • Released: 1984-1997
  • Hailing From: Milwaukee

“The majority of local music at WMSE was recorded by local area bands on cassettes and transferred to a medium in broadcasting called ‘carts’. A cart looks like an eight track tape cartridge except it contained only one song. So WMSE accumulated hundreds of band's songs painstakingly transferred them to cart for airplay. We've amassed quite a collection of local music from the start of the station in 1981 up until recording and transferring music to CD became the standard method. This collection is a living testament of what once was Milwaukee’s thriving music scene and cassette culture.”
- Station Manager, Thomas S. Crawford

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  • Buzz says:

    When I first previewed Drop Forge’s EP at WMSE, I was really impressed. But the lyrics were too hard for the FCC. To work around it, I created an edit in the production studio. I switched on our remote broadcast input on the soundboard. When there was no live remote, there was only static on the channel. So whenever Hans or Johnny sang a part of the lyrics that were non-FCC friendly, I’d briefly switch on the live remote static to block it out. Problem solved resulting in a squeaky clean radio edit. I felt the static sounded cooler than an annoying beep like professional radio edits would use.

  • Wallace says:

    I flipped when I was browsing the band list and found The Drag. This was my uncle’s band and I had their cassette as a young kid. While my friends were listening to shitty radio metal, I was skating in the driveway blasting their music. I haven’t heard this in over 20 years- thanks!

  • Max says:

    Thanks to John Dominguez,John Derzinski and Jay Tiller for their fine musicianship. To Tom Crawford,WMSE,and anyone who supported Down By Law by showing up at our gigs !

  • John I Powderly III says:

    Thanks Buzz, I listen often to your shows on the interweb here in Golden Colorado. Good on ye for the editing on the DF 45, Party on and Godspeed. WMSE Rules!

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