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Einstein's Riceboys – Civil Rice

“Civil Rice”

added by on September 12, 2012
  • Released: 1983
  • Hailing From: Milwaukee
  • Label: QL Records
  • Members:
    • Steve Whalen - Vocals/Drums
    • Sheldon Rusch - Keyboards/Guitar
    • Todd Rusch - Guitar/Bass
    • K.T. Rusch - Bass

Review from /New Music Report/ A supplement to CMJ (College Music
Journal) July 83

“*EINSTEIN”S RICEBOYS* /Civil Rice /(QL Records, Inc)
When the Violent Femmes appeared from (of all places) Wisconsin, most everybody hailed them as strikingly original. Now with the appearance of Einstein’s Riceboys LP we might be witnessing the emergence of a “Wisconsin Sound.” Pumping bass, intense vocals and enthusiasm pushed to the limits are the trademarks. Einstein’s Riceboys’ sound is fuller and more controlled than the Femmes, making use of electric instruments, sixties-style
keyboards, and reverberated guitar to shape their style. If I were from Wisconsin, I’d be proud! Fave cuts: “Time and Insomnia”, “Electric Chair” and “Bloated Life.”

THE FIRST WORD / August 1, 1983 Published in New Music Report:
“QL Records, which is having success with the debut LP from Eintein’s Riceboys is soon releasing a Japanese pressing of the album at a normal list price. They have also scheduled the release of the LP on JVC Compact Disc for December with a $20.00 list. DJ’s, pools, stations, retailers, and all interested can contact QL at 305-446-2477”

(They were on CD before you could buy a CD player… according to KT Rusch, not many were manufactured.)

Charted #82 on College/Non-commercial top 100 Aug 1, 1983
(just ahead of new releases that week by Rod Stewart and Joan Jett.)


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