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Bound to One – Established 1993: The Complete Discography

“Established 1993: The Complete Discography”

added by on January 13, 2013
  • Released: 2009
  • Hailing From: Racine
  • Label: Beer City Digital
  • Members:
    • Joshua Hartnett - Vocals
    • Kevin Glass - Guitar
    • Martin Defatte - Bass (Tracks 1-11, 28-30)
    • Jeff Clausen - Drums (Tracks 1-12, 28-30)
    • Scott Seis - Bass (Tracks 13-27)
    • Mike Theuer - Drums (Tracks 13-27)
    • Joe Mattson - Guitar (Tracks 13-27)

This was a discography, released by Beer City Records / Beer City Digital back in 2009. The recordings on this discography span from approximately 1996/97 – 2001/02The band recently let this go out of print by pulling it from all digital distribution outlets, so it could be added to the MKEpunk archive. The “bonus” tracks include live material which was never recorded in a studio setting.

Tracks 1-7 recorded at Walls Have Ears, with Brian Egeness (Die Kreuzen). Tracks 8-12 recorded at The Junkyard with Brian Egeness. Tracks 13-26 recorded by Mike Theuer at their practice space. Tracks 27-30 recorded live.

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