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Vesicular Basalt – Schlaugen


added by on May 3, 2010
  • Released: 1991
  • Hailing From: Appleton
  • Label: Monk Records
  • Additional Images:
  • Members:
    • Brian Timmers - Guitar
    • Ric Timmers - Bass
    • Jon Timmers - Drums/Vocals


  • chuck says:

    Dear Timmers Brothers: would it be possible to get “Lambda Lambda Lambda” hosted on MKEpunk? I’d love to hear it again, because my copy disappeared years ago.

  • Jeremy says:

    Chuck, the Timmers sent that and several other releases in. I’ll get them posted this weekend.

  • Roachcraft says:

    Wow, pumped to hear some VB again. Saw them with Weasel and Boris The Sprinkler at U-Rock in Janesville, 1993, all three bands KILLED, one of the greatest shows I have ever seen. This site is such a gift, so well done, bravo.

  • Jeremy says:

    Funny I was at the Weasel Show at urock as well seems like 8 bark played???? not VB and sprinkler the years were not kind and I am sure I was not sober….The Hotspot and the Alumni House were nice as well And the Jawbreaker Horace Pinker Show in Beliot For years I saved all the old flyers but not sure what happened.

  • ler says:

    thanx so much for puttin this on here! u don’t know how happy i am

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