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Black Eyed Susan – '89 Tape

“'89 Tape”

added by on March 28, 2012
  • Released: 1989
  • Hailing From: Milwaukee
  • Additional Images:
  • Members:
    • James Warchol - Guitar/Vocals
    • David Bertling - Guitar
    • George Satur - Bass
    • Franz Bucholz - Drums

From the private collection of Keith Brammer.

Recorded at Art Sound Studio, August 1989.


  • Bobby Tanzilo says:

    That’s cool! I can’t imagine what I did to “produce” those Art Sound sessions. Moral support? Beer? Sitting in the control room with Steve while the band played? I accept no credit for the greatness of this tape. That belongs solely to Jim, Dave, Franz and George.

  • David Bertling says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Bobby. I’m sure simply being there certainly counts for something. And, if memory serves correctly, I believe you helped give structure to at least one of the tracks listed above. The “produced by” credit could also be read as “hung out with” and “sat in with,” not to mention “traded some of the best funkadelic and 70s soul sides with,” which absolutely counts.

  • George Satur says:

    Whoaa Johnny! That’s a blast from the past for certain. That was a great time in my life. Thanks Bobby, Dave, Jim, and Franz for letting me be a part of it.

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