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subtracttozero – 7 inch

“7 inch”

added by on August 30, 2012
  • Released: 2000
  • Hailing From: Milwaukee
  • Label: Primary Thoughts
  • Members:
    • Pete Yahnke - Bass
    • Jacob Sutrick - Vocals/Noise
    • Scot Noe - Drums

Recorded 2/19/2000 and 2/20/2000 by Shane at Bobby Peru’s Studio the day after a blizzard on Milwaukee’s south side, the night of a full moon, in one take. Scott, Pete, and Jacob played the drums, bass, 8 track player, AM radio, tapes, Masonna 2000, the beta player, casio keyboard, distortion pedals, delay pedals, phasers, flangers and screamed.

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