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Shunned – Falls Apart EP

“Falls Apart EP”

added by on March 11, 2010
  • Released: 1999
  • Hailing From: Racine
  • Members:
    • Brandon Seitz - Vocals, Guitar
    • Charles Barrows - Drums
    • Garrett Peterson - Bass
    • David Shaw - Guitar


  • Johnson Hanson says:

    Yo Brandon I fuckin finally found the Shunned songs kick ass! I found Dramatica at fuckin finally after searching 4 weeks. Miss the shit out you dudes. Keep on rockin in the free world hahahaha

  • Brandon says:

    David Shaw was also in Shunned. He played guitar

  • Brandon says:

    the song names are not in order. i mean the names don’t match the songs. not that i care really. just pointing that out.

  • Martin says:

    Are the actual mp3 tags incorrect, or is it just the way they appear on the website that is wrong? It may just be the way Charlie gave them to me.

  • Brandon says:

    Im not sure. the song names don’t match the the songs. but it’s cool, don’t worry about fixing it. i don’t think anyone listens to it anyway. you should put up a listening counter. that would be neat.

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