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Killtheslavemaster – The Artisans of Dominion - Part I

“The Artisans of Dominion - Part I”

added by on February 25, 2010
  • Released: 1999
  • Hailing From: Franklin
  • Label: Cyberdine 243
  • Additional Images:
  • Members:
    • Seth Ingebrigtson - Vocals
    • Jim Survivor Pfeifer - Guitar
    • Karl Hlavinka - Guitar
    • Todd Umhoefer - Bass
    • Andy Hurley - Drums

“Pray for your fallen saviors. The fucking failures that have left us to be kissed by the worms as human manure.”

Recorded at Serpent Sun Studios by M.J. Ariens.

Karl Hlavinka is formerly of Creation is Crucifixion. Andy Hurley has also played with Racetraiter and Project Rocket. Andy is currently playing with Fall Out Boy, Burning Empires and The Damned Things.


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