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Isolation – S/T 7 inch

“S/T 7 inch”

added by on January 5, 2010
  • Released: 1997
  • Hailing From: Milwaukee
  • Label: Underestimated Records
  • Additional Images:
  • Members:
    • Paul Gazo (R.I.P.) - Vocals
    • Jesse Smith - Bass
    • Mike Mooney - Guitar
    • Todd Evirs - guitar
    • Quinn - Drums

Recorded June 22, 1997 at Walls Have Ears, Milwaukee
Engineered by Bill Stace
Produced by Isolation

This record was dedicated to Paul “SEB” Gazo. Rest in Peace. Artwork by Mario Desa.

Members went on to form Up in Arms, Foreverafter, xFor Death or Gloryx and Protestant.

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  • Mike Mooney says:

    This seven inch was recorded when we were winding down. I was moving away, I believe Todd was too. Quinn (McCusker btw) got accepted to Madison and he was going to be away from MKE. We recorded it in a day and it was the last time we were all together in the same room.

    Clockwork – I wrote the lyrics for this one after a friend from Chicago said I should write a “Clockwork Orange Straight Edge” song, which I thought was ridiculous, but it did get me thinking heh. The music was always pretty colaborative, one of us would come up with a riff, Quinn would add some wicked drums and then we would mold into something cohesive (if you could call it that haha). The sample at the beginning was Paul’s. He loved that line from Stripes. I think he loved the idea of Milwaukee being a place someone would get their shit kicked out them. He did love this town.

    Thinking of You – This song was on our demo. Mario Desa wrote the lyrics for this one. It is a love balad… I love the lyrics for this one, we all did.

    Anthem – This one was Todd and Jesse’s creation musically (shades of Up in Arms to come…). Paul wrote the lyrics. I learned this one in the studio.

    Isolation was a blast. We all had fun with it, we were all friends before the band, all friends after the band and still friends today though much more distantly than I would like heh. I miss Paul every day. The world was just a better place with Paul in it.

    Sorry for the rambling.


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