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Die Kreuzen – Demo 1982

“Demo 1982”

added by on May 4, 2012
  • Released: 1982
  • Hailing From: Milwaukee
  • Additional Images:
  • Members:
    • Brian Egeness - Guitars
    • Keith Brammer - Bass
    • Erik Tunison - Drums
    • Dan Kubinski - Vocals

This is the original demo tape that preceded the Cows and Beer 7″. Unfortunately, we’re unable to source an original cassette – most have been lost or damaged over time. After reviewing as many different versions that exist on mp3 and CD-R as we can, MKEpunk and the band determined this to be of the best available quality.

We sourced this from a blog, which provided a mediafire link. As you may well know, mediafire links expire, and with download service sites like this being taken down by the federal government… we are glad to bring this release home to Milwaukee, within our archives.

We have corrected the date, retagged and provided proper cover art, and a scan of the original insert, courtesy of Keith Brammer.

If anyone does have an “original”, first-generation copy of this cassette, please get in contact with us.

Check out this blog, that has a lot of great material, and contributions by the band. It has been a helpful resource when researching the band. Check out the list of shows… and the lineups.

If you haven’t picked up tickets to the Die Kreuzen reunion show at Turner Hall, you should do it now.

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UPDATE: this material has been sourced from original cassettes supplied by, and with the blessing of the band, and re-issued via on all streaming services.

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