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Bound to One – Rehearsal Demo

“Rehearsal Demo”

added by on April 30, 2010
  • Released: 1994
  • Hailing From: Racine
  • Members:
    • Joshua Hartnett - Vocals
    • Kevin Glass - Guitar
    • Tom Stearns - Drums
    • Martin Defatte - Bass
    • Nicholas Straube - Guitar

This rehearsal tape was recently unearthed by a band member and digitized. It is the demo before the demo. Fun fact: These songs were recorded in Jesse Smith’s basement.

It contains two tracks (Common Thread and Standard) that were omitted from the Chosen Wisdoms recording sessions and an instrumental version of another tune. This also the only known recording of the original lineup of the band – featuring Nicholas Straube on second guitar and Tom Stearns playing drums.

Within the next year, the band would go on hiatus, and eventually reform with a new lineup to record the first legitimate recording… the Chosen Wisdoms cassette demo.

In December of 2009, Beer City Records put out a discography of their releases. You can pick it up on iTunes or Amazon. Check out the band’s official myspace page.

We have also put together a selection of outtakes and “lost” material that didn’t make it onto the discography. You can check that out here.

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